Servo Mount

Precision Laser Cut: Stronger, Lighter and Easy to Assemble

Servo Mount - 2 pack
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Size for Your Application

Includes 2 Mounts with Fasteners

(Servos not included)

Servo Mount

Precision laser cut kit (unassembled).  Includes TWO mounts with hex drive fasteners included. Available in 3 sizes:

  • Fits standard sized servos up to 1.60” length X .80” wide (40.6 X 20.3 mm)
  • Ideal for Analog and Digital Hitec Standard Servos

  • Fits mini size servos Up to 1.30” length X .68” wide (33.0 X 17.3 mm)
  • Ideal For Hitec HS-225BB/MG, HS-5245MG, HS-7235HH, and HS-7245MH

  • Fits micro size servos up to 1.18” length X .52” wide (30.0 X 13.2 mm)
  • Ideal For Hitec HS-82MG, HS-85BB/MG, HS-5085MG, and HS-5087MH