Leonardo da Vinci Flying Machine Model Kit

Da Vinci's Flying Machine Kit

Note: This kit is for experienced modelers!

Other Recommended Items for Completion (not included):
  • Medium and thin CA super glue
  • Medium grit sandpaper
  • Exacto or razor knife
  • Stain or paint
  • Black or brown thread for joint lashing
  • Heavy brown thread for pull-cables (recomend embroidery thread)

Leonardo da Vinci's
Flying Machine

Wood Model Kit
Leonardo da Vinci was 15th century artist, author, scientist, engineer and inventor with an unquenchable curiosity and imagination. Among da Vinci’s passions was the lore of flight; studying the anatomy and movements of birds which were the basis for many of his sketches and inventions. While da Vinci drew several variants of mechanical flying machines emanating the natural movements of birds, only partial sketches exist of a fully articulating ornithopter.

This model is an interpretation of da Vinci’s sketches in an attempt to represent the what a fully engineered flying machine might have looked like. Additionally, due to limitation in material and size, this model is a fixed display and does not articulate or provide the motion of the full ornithopter but attempts to capture the essence of the mechanics and intricacy of da Vinci’s imagination.

  • Precision laser-cut wood model kit (unassembled)
  • High level of detail
  • Wing span: 24" (roughly 1/12 scale)
  • Made out of 1/8-inch thick Baltic Birch plywood.
  • Can be stained or painted for desired finish.
  • Detailed Instructions with full sized scale plans Included.