Pixy-Stick Micro RC

Pixy Stick Micro RC Airplane

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Pixy-Stick Assembly Instructions
Pixy-Stick Micro RC Airplane.

Designed specifically for E-flite UMX micro RC gear, this is a CAD-designed, precision laser-cut, quick-building balsa and plywood model based on the classic stick-style model design and features oversized control surfaces for aerobatic capability in small flying areas.

This is an ideal airframe to salvage and re-use gear from E-Flites UMX line of micro flyer such as the Timber, Beast, Micro Cub, P47, P3 Revolution and others equipped with the 2-cell brushless power system.

The Pixy-Stick is a fun, nimble, aerobatic flyer with a wide performance range that goes together quick.

  • Wing Span: 17 inches
  • Length: 17.7 inches
  • Flying Weight: (with 2s 240mah Battery): 87 grams
  • Wing Area: 85.3 sq. inches
  • Airfoil: NACA0016
Recommended Radio Gear (not included):
  • Receiver: Spektrum AS6420BL (6-Chl 2-cell RX w/ integral ESC and 2 servos).  Alternate UMX Rx: AS6410NBL 6-chl (w/o servos)

    Note: The Spektrum AS6410L 1-cell RX is not compatible with 2-cell batteries and is not recommended for this model.

  • Servos (2x): Spektrum 2.3g Long-throw Linear Servo (SPMSA2030L) - Note: 4 servos are required if using the AS6410NBL Rx.
  • Motor: E-Flite BL180 3000kv (EFLUM180BLB)
  • Battery: 200-300mah 2s Lipo.
  • Propeller: 5.75x2.50 or 5.00x2.75
Other Items Included
  • .050-inch music wire for landing gear
  • .027-inch music wire for control links and tail gear
  • .032-inch carbon rod for control links
  • .070-inch carbon rod for stabilizer stiffener