Glue Station (Kit)

Glue Buddy (Kit)

Other Recommended Items for Completion (not included):
  • Wood Glue or Medium CA "Super Glue"
  • Medium Grit Sandpaper
  • Exacto or Razor Knife

Glue Buddy

Glue Organizer and Holder.
Holds and organizes up to 4 bottles plus extra mixing cups and stir sticks

Works with most common round epoxy glue bottles up to 9 oz.

Provides two positions to hold bottles up-side down: Reduces waiting time for thick glue to flow to the tip for dispensing.  Includes provisions for drip cups under glue tip.

Precision laser-cut wood kit (unassembled) made out of 1/8-inch thick Baltic Birch plywood.

Instructions Included.